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Intermountain Concrete Specialties has all the materials you will need to ensure your project is of the quality you expect. Our forming materials and equipment lead the industry in quality, safety and ease of use. Representing the finest manufacturers, you can rest assured your project will be exactly what you want it to be. From the smallest do-it-yourself project to the largest project in your city, we have what you need.

Fabricated Rebar

No project is too large or too small. We can fabricate all the rebar required for your job. Our staff can also deliver your rebar right to the job site. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, we can quickly get the materials you need, saving you time and money.

Forming Products

The products we sell represent the finest available in this industry. Whatever the application or specification, using our products will give you the confidence of quality, workability and the right specification. We literally have thousands of products available for you.

Ties and Forming Hardware

Whatever forming system you use, we have the right materials for you. Whether it’s snap ties, wall ties, form cleats, brackets, lifting hardware, inserts, spreader cleats or flat ties, we have what you need. Visit our manufacturer’s website for more details:

Construction Tubes

Our construction form tubes come from the industry leader. Our standards for quality, workability, strength, and ease of use will give the assurance you are using the right products. From fence posts to high-rise building supports, our construction tubes are the right fit. Visit our manufacturers’ websites for more details:

Reinforcement Fibers

Representing quality manufacturers, the fibers you use from us will give you the strength of concrete you are looking for. From countertops to parking structures, our fibers will meet or exceed your expectations. Visit our manufacturer’s website for more details:

Gatorback Tool Belts

This is the first tool belt on the market to be designed for foundation setters. Ultra-Deep Pouch for Ties and an accessory pouch for Bolts/Pins. A must have for putting up concrete form systems.

+Extra-Deep tie pouch allows for carrying the specific tool and accessories for the trade
+Every stress point is reinforced with extremely strong bar-tack stitching and heavy duty metal rivets to ensure that the pockets won’t ever tear out
​+High density nylon webbing is sewn around the outside of every pouch. The heavy duty nylon adds to the durability of the pouch and prevents fraying from constant use.
​+The entire combo is on our Pro-Comfort Molded Air Channel Back Support Belt. This belt is the most innovative belt on the market with memory foam backing, patented air channels to prevent overheating and all around comfort.
​+The carrying handles are bar-tack sewn and riveted onto the belt. These make the product easy to move around for the times you are not wearing it.
+Each pouch has a seamless rounded box design to maximize the space of the pouches. No more dealing with the bottom of your pouches ripping apart or losing tools in the “envelope style” pouches that taper off to a point.
+Inside of every pouch is a heavy duty plastic insert sewn in between the 1250 denier DuraTek nylon. The insert keeps the pouches from ever losing their shape and prevents tools from poking through.
+The metal suspender rings are triple stitched onto the belt (Top outside, top inside and bottom inside). This means the rings will never rip out.
+The belt itself is made with a double metal buckle and a leather tip that is stitched around the entire edge. The belt will never stretch and fasten securely.

Gatorback Tool belt