Concrete Calculators

Quickly estimate the amount of concrete needed for your upcoming project using our free concrete calculator. Input the length and width of your project in feet and the planned thickness in inches, and our concrete calculator will show you the required cubic yards of concrete. This tool is invaluable for calculating the amount of concrete required for various applications, including curbs and gutters, slabs, square footings, or walls.

The Intermountain Concrete Specialties calculator is your go-to resource for getting your project off on the right foot. Whether you’re ordering ready-mix or calculating the amount of Portland cement needed for your project, understanding the cubic yards required is the first critical step. Account for variations within your forms, whether they are for hole columns, round footings, or concrete slabs—our calculator considers these factors. We recommend adding a little extra for contingency, ensuring you have the right amount even in less-than-perfect conditions.

Need assistance or have questions about ordering concrete or concrete forms? Contact Intermountain Concrete Specialties. With seven convenient locations from St. George, Utah, to Idaho Falls, our expert advice and quality products are never far away. We’re here to help you with accurate calculations for cubic meters, cubic feet, and cubic foot measurements, making your concrete projects a success.