Promotional Items

Every now and then we have surplus items and want to pass the savings onto you. Below you’ll see a list of those items and where they can be found. Just click on the location to get our contact info and give us a call or visit us at the specified location.

Rebar Dowel Baskets
| $ 36.00 $ 20.00ea or Best Offer

Rebar Dowel Basket - 10" Pavement, 4' Lane, #10 Rebar (Epoxy Coated), 4 Dowels @ 12" Spacing, 18" Long.

Safety Vest & Jackets
Salt Lake City, Utah | $ Come In and See!!

Yellow and Orange Safety Vest's. All Sizes, All Styles.

Left over Jackets. Take advantage of these prices!!

Quick-Lock Snapties – Many Sizes
Salt Lake City, Utah | $ Call for Pricing

Overstock of Quick-Lock Snapties.
Sizes 8", 9", 10", 18", 36"
Call for Pricing

Tytan Foam Bond
| $ 26.00 $ 13.54

TYTAN Foam Bond 60 PRO Foam Adhesive’s innovative formula bonds architectural foam shapes and foam panels fast! It does not contain solvents so it does not have an offensive odor and is safe for all foams. It bonds after 60 seconds and is secure after 5 minutes. It performs well on damp surfaces and has excellent bond strength on a range of popular construction materials. The TYTAN PRO applicator reduces body strain and allows you to work faster compared to using a conventional cartridge applicator. It cures by the moisture in the air, so high humidity speeds up the curing process.

HS-1 SL Joint Sealant
| $ 18.95

HS-1 SL is a one-part, self-leveling hybrid sealant, developed with silyl-modified polymer (SMP) technology. It cures under the influence of atmospheric moisture to form a medium modulus sealant with excellent adhesive properties and resistance to ageing and weathering.

Speed – E – Roc Anchoring Cement
| $ 49.50

SPEED-E-ROC is a pourable, rapid setting and hardening, high strength, hydraulic cement compound designed for anchoring and grouting. SPEED-E-ROC has a controlled expansion system and is non-shrink. SPEED-E-ROC has a set time of 10 – 20 minutes at 77° F (25° C) and obtains 4,000 psi (34.4 MPa) in one hour.

Innotech – Acid Stain / Integral Color
| $ Call

We are moving out all of our Innotech Inventory. Acid Stain, Integral Color, Stamps, Releases.
Call us to get a great deal!!

Remnent Sonotube
Salt Lake City, Utah | $ Starting at $1.00ea

Every so often we have left over sections of Sonotubes. Right now we have way to many on hand, This is bad for us, good for you. Stop in and see if there is a size and Height that would work for you.