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Intermountain Concrete Specialties carries the sealers, curing compounds and protective equipment that pros and do-it-yourselfers alike need to ensure a successful and durable project. And we have the service, support and expertise you can trust. With seven locations from St. George to Idaho Falls, help is never far away.

But we’re so much more than a supplier. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a do-it-yourselfer, Intermountain Concrete Specialties has the service, support and expertise to save you time and money. Do-it-yourselfers can peruse our blog to learn “all things concrete” and more confidently take on that next home project. And pros can enjoy excellent terms and a timely payment discount by opening an Intermountain Concrete Specialties account.

What do all these products do? Sealing concrete keeps all your hard work protected from the elements. Curing compounds help cement properly hydrate for a long-lasting, finished product. And curing blankets are a crucial tool for protecting concrete from freezing during frigid pours.

Aren’t sure where to start? Read our All About Concrete Sealer: Choosing, Applying, Maintaining blog post for your sealing questions. Or peruse our article, Concrete Curing—The Make It or Break It of Your DIY Project, to learn how to ensure concrete cures properly.

Curing Compounds

We carry a variety of cures for whatever your job requires. From house slabs to government jobs, our cures will deliver the quality you expect.

Poly Burlap Curing Blanket

Poly Burlap Curing Blanket  –

• “Wet cure” method of concrete curing
• 10 oz. burlap laminated onto 5 mil white coated poly
• 10′ x 100′ roll
• Meets AASHTO M-182 specification for concrete curing with burlap
• Natural burlap provides moisture absorption
• Coated white poly reflects sunlight and intense heat rays
• Provides a smoother, harder concrete finish

• Quality lamination between the two fabrics
• Burlap is moisture absorbent material
• White coated poly reflects sunlight and intense heat rays
• Material is flexible
• Easy handle, easy to move
• Meets DOT requirements for concrete curing
• Reusable

Surface Sealers

Enhance and protect your concrete with a Solvent Base or Water base surface sealer. Your projects will look great and have the protection they need. We carry acrylics, urethanes and epoxies.

What Sealer is best for your Project?

Check out our Blog to find out: Protect Your Investment with 15 Concrete Sealers For Every Project

Penetrating Sealer

Penetrating sealers absorb into the concrete, and are ideal for protecting exterior concrete surfaces from damage due to exposure such as rain and ice.

Curing Blankets

Cold weather protection of your concrete is critical. Our blankets offer the R-factor needed to make sure your projects don’t freeze. We also carry clear and reinforced poly.

Blanket Sizes: 12′ x 25′ or 6′ x 25′

Reinforced Poly Sizes: 20′ x 100′ or 40′ x 100′

Snow Tarps: 20′ x 20′ & 25′ x 25′

String Reinforced Poly

• High strength polyethylene film
• Square pattern tear resistant reinforced scrim
• Mil Thickness: 6 MIL and 10 MIL
• Weather resistant reinforced poly
• Mold & mildew resistant plastic
• Remains flexible in cold weather climates
• Clear Non-Flame Retardant (NON-FR)
• Flame Retardant (FR) meets NFPA 701 Test Method 2
• Creates temporary walls & covers
• Creates a temporary weather enclosure
• Provides a containment for dust & debris
• Increases temporary heating efficiency
• Material is flexible, easy to handle & easy to install
• Durable and reusable
• Handles well in low temperatures
• Allows sunlight to transmit through
• Helps contain dust, debris and airborne particulates during construction

DAY1® Concrete Finishing Aid

DAY1 is a colloidal silica finishing aid that lubricates the surface for faster, easier finishing.

DAY1 extends workable time under adverse conditions such as high wind, heat, or low humidity.

DAY1 eliminates the need to add water to the surface which can be detrimental to the surface performance of the slab. It can also be used to help finish shake-on hardeners in low bleedwater environments.

Concrete with high cement, air, silica fume, or silica flower are easier to finish when DAY1 is applied

Coverage per Gallon:  Finishing Aid 500 – 1000 sq.ft.  Performance Concrete  250 – 500 sq.ft.