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At Intermountain Concrete Specialties, we know that the right equipment is essential for a job well done. Whether you’re pouring a curb and gutter or a flat house slab, you need forms, screeds, and stakes to ensure your project is straight and level. We carry the products that industry specialists request, whether it’s our steel flatwork forms or our roller or truss concrete screeds. We offer the highest-quality, longest-lasting steel forms and concrete stakes, but if you want plastic forms, we have the best of those as well.

If you’re planning a quick DIY curb and gutter repair, we have curb forms and gutter forms that you can order based on your exact specifications. Concrete companies that need to pour miles of curb and gutter for new developments can also find the forms they need from top manufacturers in the industry, including Dee Concrete, Dayton Superior, Metal Forms Corporation, Sure Built, EMI, and more.

Contact an Intermountain Concrete Specialties team member for more information about our selection. We’re happy to answer any questions and help you place an order. With locations throughout Utah and Idaho, we’re sure to have exactly what you need for projects large and small.

Curb & Gutter Forms

Our curb & gutter forms are user-friendly. Simple in design, our forms will provide the strength necessary to meet the most stringent specifications.

When Ordering – Each curb and gutter configuration has its own specific component requirements:
1. Curb back height
2. Front gutter height
3. Profile required

Round & Square Stakes

Made from the best steel products, our stakes will hold up to any job demands.

Flatwork Forms

Straight and Durable! That’s what you get with Steel Flatwork Forms.

Flatwork forms come in a standard 10′ length and offered in many different heights.


Plastic Flatwork Forms

Flexible yet sturdy
Stackable using MetalForms’ stacking stake pockets
Easily washable, extremely reusable

Available Pockets

The “Slide” pocket is inserted at the end of either the 4″ or 6″ poly form. Convenient connection to wood with predrilled nail holes. Recommended one slide pocket per form (one bucket per box of forms).

The “Twist” pocket provides multiple staking options since it can be easily inserted at any location along the length of any form. Recommended three twist pockets per length of any 4″ or 6″ form. (one bucket per box of forms).


From Roller Screeds to Truss Screeds, no matter the size of the job, we have the screed for you. No job is too large or too small

Vibra Screeds

Save time and Money with a Vibra Screed.