NewLook Concrete Color Stain

NewLook International is a leading manufacturer of decorative concrete color stain and restoration solutions, including premium architectural and specialty decorative concrete coatings. Intermountain Concrete Specialties is proud to be an official seller of these convenient and affordable products, which have been used by concrete industry professionals for more than 25 years.

To create a beautiful concrete finish, you need an exceptional product. NewLook Original Solid Color StainTM gives old concrete a facelift by changing the color without changing the texture. The non-acid concrete color stain is water-based and breathable so it penetrates the surface of porous concrete to create just about any color. Original Solid Color Stain’s revolutionary formula can be used to cover concrete problems such as oil and rust stains, faded concrete, and to match concrete colors. Original Solid Color Stain is not a paint, but utilizes an advanced polymer-modified formula to create a completely opaque yet breathable finish that does not require an additional sealer.

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Features and Benefits:

  • Change any color of concrete without changing the texture, so it looks like integral colored concrete. Most people can’t even tell if the concrete was poured or stained.
  • Water-based, non-acid stain penetrates the surface of porous concrete.
  • Breathable formula allows the stain stay in the concrete for a uniform finish.
  • Easy to maintain and reapply without stripping or sanding.
  • Completely covers any color of concrete (even light colors over dark), and is easy to repaint if you make a mistake or change your mind.
  • Water-based concrete stain formula is eco-friendly, without VOCs or toxic fumes
  • Hundreds of color options are available.
  • Can be applied over and over again, even same day.

NewLook Original Solid Color Stain features a two-coat application process to ensure an even finish. During the process, be sure to keep the product well-mixed with a NewLook broom applicator.  The tools you use can greatly affect the outcome of your decorative concrete projects. We carry a wide range of NewLook products and tools for the most effective application. Visit our website for video tips on applying concrete color stain.

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