Innotech Concrete Chemical Stains

Stained concrete is an exciting way to create an infinite array of decorative effects on both interior and exterior concrete at minimal cost. Chemical concrete stains do more than just add color – they infuse color into the concrete to create a rich, variegated finish. Instead of covering the concrete on the surface, like paint or other coatings, chemical stains penetrate or etch into the concrete, allowing the characteristics of the concrete to show through. The distinctive effect of chemical stain creates a timeworn patina that complements many decor styles, making it a favored choice for decorative concrete projects.

concrete chemical stain

Concrete chemical stains can be either acid-based or water-based. Innotech chemical stains are created with combination of metallic salts in a water-based solution. This slightly acidic solution creates a reaction with the lime content in cured concrete, and may be applied to new or existing concrete that is free from sealers, paints or other coatings. Innotech acid stain products actually penetrate and remain in the pores to become a permanent part of the concrete, and therefore won’t crack, peel or fade.

Chemical concrete stains can be used on walls, floors, countertops and other concrete surfaces. The ultimate effect will be determined by several factors, including the concrete’s age, composition, porosity, and base color. Because concrete chemical stains are translucent, they incorporate the concrete’s surface (including cracks and other flaws) into the finished effect. It’s important to use proper tools and application techniques, or an experienced professional, to achieve desired results, since once the chemical stain is down on the concrete, the color is permanent. It’s important to keep in mind that no two surfaces will come out identical, but this is the true beauty and appeal of concrete chemical stains.

Innotech water-based chemical stain is available in a variety of colors, and can be combined with other Innotech products to produce a wide range of color finishes. For tips on how to use Innotech concrete chemical stains, visit an Intermountain Concrete Specialties showroom.