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VOC Compliant Concrete Sealers

Confused about new and changing VOC laws? Learn which VOC compliant concrete sealer products you can use as stricter VOC laws are put into practice.

What exactly are VOCs?
Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) are carbon-based compounds that release into the air from certain solvents, plastics and rubber. When these compounds react with the atmosphere, they can have an adverse affect on the ozone and the environment.

Why do we need VOC regulations?
The goal of improved VOC laws is to protect the ozone and improve air quality. Architectural coatings, including concrete sealers, are addressed under Section 183(e) of the 1999 Clean Air Act. The rule limits the amount of VOCs that manufacturers can put into their products, and includes labeling requirements. Most concrete sealers, coatings, cures and waterproofing fall within these regulations.

What are the VOC guidelines?
New federal VOC laws took effect in 2015, requiring manufacturers to change their solvents to a quicker flashing solvent at a lower VOC. Local laws vary from state to state. In Utah, concrete suppliers have three years to deplete any remaining stock manufactured through 2014. That means, current supply can be sold through 2017.

It’s not all black and white. Concrete Network reports that there are 61 subcategories of concrete sealers and coating, each with its own VOC limit that varies according to state or even county. The bottom line? State regulations trump federal regulations when it comes to VOC limits.

Where can I find out VOC limits?
VOC content specs are listed on all Manufacturer Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for individual products. For example, our best-selling CS-309-25 Non-Yellowing Acrylic Curing and Sealing Compound from W.R. Meadows currently complies with U.S. EPA maximum allowable VOC requirements.

For more information on VOC compliant concrete sealers, talk to the experts at your local Intermountain Concrete Specialties.

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ICS Ogden Open House – June 8, 2017
May 26, 2017 | ICS Showrooms, Open House

Join us on June 8th from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at our ICS Ogden store for an open house event!

We’ll have representatives from your favorite concrete product manufacturers, plus we’ll be serving lunch. (Everyone loves the World’s Best Corndogs!)

As the Intermountain West’s leading concrete supplier, we’re proud to host representatives from many prestigious manufacturers. Stop by ICS Ogden during our open house event and visit with reps from W.R. Meadows, Dayton, Husquvarna, Innotech, Allen Engineering, Mapei, HH Sales, BASF, MBW, Greenstreak, SIKA, Kraft Tool, NewLook, ADA Solutions, Zurn, and Adhesive Technologies.

Previous open houses at our Salt Lake City and Logan stores have brought more than 500 attendees. We hope to see you this year at ICS Ogden!


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Design Trend: Concrete Furniture

Decorative concrete has gained popularity over the past several years, and now another design trend is on the rise: concrete furniture. Once a staple material for sidewalks and driveways, concrete’s versatility has found it’s way indoors.

Concrete is an easy, affordable and creative way to design and build custom furniture that brings a modern look to home décor. With its ability to be formed into just about any shape, concrete is an ideal material for crafting coffee tables, dining tables, seating, bookshelves, office furniture, even bed frames. And we’re not talking boring, gray, utilitarian furniture. Today’s advanced decorative concrete finishes such as concrete paint, stains, and stamping tools can create a high-end look that mimics slate, tile, stone and other sophisticated finishes—without the high price tag.

The versatility of concrete lends itself to furniture that can be created to beautify any type of décor. Whether your style is modern or contemporary, industrial chic or rustic, concrete furniture can be custom created for any room in the home, with a custom decorative concrete finish that complements your home décor style. Polished concrete, for example, adds a high-end designer look. A decorative slate or tile adds sleek, contemporary style. A decorative wood-finished concrete piece can look like the real thing, and be created to match rustic or modern styles. Minimally finished concrete furniture complements loft-style spaces. Painted concrete furniture is pure personality.

A variety of concrete furniture shared from

A variety of concrete furniture shared from

Where to start? As with any furniture, first define your style, then design your room piece by piece. One thing to consider with concrete furniture is placement. This will not be a piece you’ll be rearranging often! Then accessorize just like you would any other piece, with blankets and pillows to soften the look of seating, or with knickknacks to add your personal touches of style.

Intermountain Concrete Specialties carries the latest in decorative concrete finishes, as well as tools, stamps, and molds to create any project you can dream up. Visit your local Intermountain Concrete Specialties showroom for advice on integral colors, paints, stains, dyes, sealers, forming equipment and more.

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Things We Learned From Our First Concrete Projects

Whether you’ve just moved into your first home, or you’ve been settled in your forever home for years, you probably have a list of home improvement projects you’d like to tackle. Chances are there’s at least one concrete project on your to do list, whether it’s an aesthetic home improvement such as decorative concrete countertops in the kitchen, building an outdoor kitchen, or applying a decorative concrete finish to your floor, or a more utilitarian application such as pouring a new concrete RV pad or repairing a cracked backyard patio slab.

Even the most experienced DIYer can be overwhelmed at tackling their first concrete project, so we asked some of Intermountain Concrete’s most experienced employees what they learned from their first concrete project. From doing your research to making sure you have enough materials, time and help to complete the job, here’s what our experts had to say:

Preparation is Key
With more than 40 years experience in the concrete industry, Intermountain Concrete Specialties President Tony Frazier says that the first key to a successful concrete job is doing your homework. “More preparation is always better than hurrying to finish,” he says. “Make sure you have enough materials to complete the project, and allow enough time to complete your project before dark.” It’s also important to make sure the temperature is right for your concrete job application. Testing a sample area first can help you determine whether conditions and materials are right for the job.

Tony notes that his best tips are usually the results of his own trial and error! “For everything I have learned, I probably had several failures because I didn’t follow my own learned lesson,” he says. “My latest was staining a new addition to my patio. Instead of testing a sample area to see if the color matched the stain I had applied three years earlier, I pushed through and the color doesn’t match at all!” Tony says. “I’ve also run short on one of my concrete pours.” He’s learned over the years that planning helps, and so does sharing your failures and successes with others. It never hurts to ask for advice!

concrete project tips

Do It Right From the Start
Idaho Falls Store Manager Gary Dumont says one of the first things he learned about working with concrete is that you’ll need more help than you think. “Try to get one or two people on your crew that have experience doing the work you are doing,” he says, “such as flatwork, walls, footing, etc.” He also offers these tips for a variety of concrete projects: 

  • Brace your forms well. It is much better to be over-braced than under-braced.
  • Double-check your formwork for bracing, level, plumb. size, reinforcing, etc. the day before you order concrete.
  • Use compacted gravel under any concrete work and provide for water drainage where necessary.
  • Tell your concrete dispatcher what type of concrete you are pouring so he can use the proper mix design for your application.
  • Don’t skimp on the PSI of the concrete you order.

Ask for Help
“The first thing I learned is to have enough help and equipment to do the job, “says Kelly J. Harman, Vice President of Sales at Intermountain Concrete Specialties’ Salt Lake City location. “Concrete can get away from you if you don’t have enough help on the job.” He notes that all the effort you put in to have a beautiful, durable job that you will want to enjoy for years and show your friends will be of little value if you don’t have the right tools to get the look you want. “Your local ICS store can help you with the right tools and equipment,” says Gary, “but you’re on your own to make friends!” he jests.

Come See Us
While we can’t supply you with the crew, Intermountain Concrete Specialties does have the tools, materials, equipment and know-how you need. Visit any of our six locations and we’ll get you started on the concrete road to success!

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W.R. Meadows Concrete Curing, Sealing and Masonry Coatings

As a leading supplier of concrete products to the Intermountain West since 1950, we appreciate working with companies that have been in business for a long time. Intermountain Concrete Specialties is a proud supplier of W.R. Meadows premium-grade construction products, as part of the many concrete product lines we carry.

W.R. Meadows has been family owned and operated since commencing business in the concrete industry in 1926. In line with our founding principles, W.R. Meadows is dedicated to being a valued supplier of specialty concrete construction materials while valuing quality, service and integrity.

Curing, Sealing and Protection
Keeping your concrete job protected during the curing stages is critical as curing is an essential step in producing strong, durable concrete. Once properly cured, protecting the concrete with a proper sealing compound is required to insure resistance to staining and premature degradation. We carry a variety of concrete curing, sealing and protection products, including the best-selling DecraSealTM by W.R. Meados. Decra-Seal is a non-yellowing, acrylic-based, high solids, liquid curing and sealing compound for decorative concrete. Clear, transparent and easy to apply, Decra-Seal offers improved resistance to water, alkalis and mild acids with a hard yet flexible, clear film. Decra-Seal is specifically formulated for the decorative concrete market.

 utah concrete staining

W.R. Meadows DecraSeal

Once you have that beautiful concrete floor protected by a W. R. Meadows curing and sealing compound, how do you maintain that look? Here’s some tips on proper floor maintenance after the application of our product. Watch this video to learn more:

Joints and Cracks
Keeping moisture out of cracks and joints in concrete can be challenging at best. W.R. Meadows joint sealants hold up to the most strenuous of environmental factors and situations. We carry a variety of self-leveling and non-sagging joint sealants in a variety of colors and finishes. Backer rods are also a critical component to proper joint sealing. W.R. Meadows’ closed-cell foam technology eliminates air and moisture entrapment, installs quickly, is easily compressible and stays in place. Finally, to help prevent your concrete from cracking, we carry a variety of expansion materials including foam, rubber, ceramar, metal and composite.

utah concrete staining

W.R. Meadows Concrete Backer Rod

Masonry Coatings
Looking to seal a basement? A high-rise parking terrace? Bridge or plaza decks? Take control with masonry coating and concrete damp-proofing products. For over 85 years, W. R. Meadows has been recognized as the leader in developing and producing quality concrete waterproofing products for the construction industry. We supply the W.R. Meadows complete moisture control package, backed by our know-how to help your job be successful. Watch this video to learn more about concrete waterproofing.

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Intermountain Concrete Specialties Open House Celebrations

Intermountain Concrete

Intermountain Concrete Specialties would like to extend a big “Thank You!” to all of our valued customers, especially those who attended our two Open House celebrations, commemorating Intermountain Concrete Specialties’ 65 years in business. Open House dates were May 19, 2015 at our Logan showroom, and May 21, 2015 at our Salt Lake City location.

A combined total of more than 500 customers attended our Logan and Salt Lake City Open House events for lunch, door prizes, and a chance to visit with top manufacturer representatives.

As a leading supplier of concrete products to the Intermountain West, our Open House celebration welcomed representatives from Innotech, Quikrete, WR Meadows, Hi Country Sales (representing Kraft Tools and Spectra Lasers), Aspentown (representing Marshalltown and Diamond Products), Mapei, Dayton Superior, Lyons Manufacturing, HH Sales (representing Brentwood and Swiss Sprayers), Crete/Commercial Building Solutions, Brad Steele/Chapin Manufacturing, Sika Corp/Greenstreak, US Spec, BASF, MBW/Clipper (represented by Lew Hudson) and more. Reps were on hand to share knowledge about the latest innovations in concrete products.

 Logan Open House — May 19, 2015

intermountain concrete

Mapei rep Jeff Walker at ICS Logan Open House

intermountain concrete

Visiting with reps at the Logan Open House — Intermountain Concrete Specialties 65th anniversary

intermountain concrete

Kraft Tools representative Mike Harrison

intermountain concrete

ICS General Manager Mark Brewer with representative from Dayton Superior

intermountain concrete

SealTight representative at Intermountain Concrete Specialties Logan open house

intermountain concrete

Megan Lord from US Spec — ICS Logan 65th anniversary open house

intermountain concrete

Dayton Superior at ICS Logan Open House

intermountain concrete

Contractors visiting with concrete product reps | Intermountain Concrete Specialties 65th anniversary, Logan, Utah

intermountain concrete

Serving up lunch with a smile!

intermountain concrete

Contractors and customers enjoying lunch | ICS 65th anniversary, Logan, Utah

intermountain concrete

ICS Logan store manager Travis Johnson with Paul Jackson


Salt Lake City Open House — May 21, 2015

intermountain concrete

Intermountain Concrete Specialties 65th Anniversary Open House, Salt Lake City, Utah

intermountain concrete

Checking out the latest and greatest in concrete products

intermountain concrete

Customers visiting with concrete product reps at the Salt Lake City ICS open house

intermountain concrete

Concrete manufacturer product display

intermountain concrete

Intermountain Concrete Specialties sales rep Tony Frazier with concrete manufacturer product representatives.

intermountain concrete

intermountain concrete

Serving up the World’s Best CornDogs

intermountain concrete

Enjoying lunch and catching up with buddies at the ICS Open House in Salt Lake City

Thank you to all of our customers and representatives for 65 great years in the concrete business!


Founded in 1950, Intermountain Concrete Specialties continues to carry on its tradition of supplying the concrete industry  in the Intermountain West with state-of-the-art concrete products, tools and know-how, all backed by superior customer service. Stop by any of our six locations throughout Utah and Idaho to find out about the latest and most reliable concrete products on the market today.

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Open House — Intermountain Concrete Specialties Celebrates 65 Years!

Intermountain Concrete Specialties

In 2015, Intermountain Concrete Specialties is celebrating 65 years in business! As a leading supplier of concrete products to the Intermountain West since 1950, we invite you to celebrate with us at our Logan and Salt Lake City stores:

Open House Dates
May 19: Logan
May 21: Salt Lake City

Please join us from 11 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. for lunch, door prizes, and a chance to visit with top manufacturer representatives. We value our customers and would love to celebrate our 65th anniversary with you!intermountain concrete specialties

Intermountain Concrete Specialties was created in June 1950 to fill a specialty need in the Salt Lake City construction market recognized by company founder Allen Terry. Beginning with one small office in downtown Salt Lake City, Intermountain Concrete Specialties quickly expanded. By 1959, ICS moved to its current Salt Lake City location at 425 West 1700 South, and we’ve stayed there ever since. Today, Intermountain Concrete Specialties has six convenient locations across Utah and Idaho.

Terry’s original vision to fill a niche in the market was driven to success by a strong commitment to superior customer service, and the desire to make a meaningful contribution to the concrete industry by supplying state-of-the-art concrete products, tools and know-how. We continue this tradition today by educating ICS employees in the latest concrete technologies, and training them to provide prompt, efficient service and expert information to our customers.

True to Terry’s vision for Intermountain Concrete Specialties, we buy in volume and passing the savings on to our customers. We represent many manufacturers and provide thousands of products and tools. In other words, if it’s a concrete specialty, we have it! Both professionals and do-it-yourselfers benefit from our large selection of concrete supplies, backed by exceptional customer service. We also maintain our own rental inventory and shoring products and operate our own rebar fabrication facility to provide customized rebar products.

Learn more about us by visiting any of our six showrooms, or during our open house celebration!

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Concrete Tools for Spring Projects

It’s spring — and that means its time to start planning your spring and summer concrete projects and getting the concrete supplies needed! Both residential DIYers and commercial contractors have been visiting Intermountain Concrete Specialties showrooms for concrete tools, supplies and project advice. We carry hundreds of concrete tools just for DIY Spring projects, including Marshalltown and Kraft Tool. Both of these high quality brands are proudly made in the U.S.A.

concrete tools

Marshalltown Concrete Tools
In business for 120 years, Marshalltown has set a high standard of quality for its tools since day one. Beginning with a line of plastering trowels for masonry in the late 1800s, Marshalltown’s tools now include high quality concrete tools used by professionals and homeowners. Intermountain Concrete Specialties carries over 100 Marshalltown tools, including screeds, hand groovers and edgers, pool trowels, bull floats, finishing trowels, concrete form stakes, contractor grade shovels, corner trowels, curb tools, stake tools and pullers, straight edges, placers, tampers and much more. As dependable as Marshalltown itself, these American-made tools are made to last!

Kraft Concrete Tools
Kraft Tool Co.® has been a leading manufacturer of concrete products for more than 30 years. We carry Kraft concrete tools to help you through every phase of your concrete projects — from spreaders and placers to lay your concrete, to Kraft’s signature flat trowel with a ProForm® handle. Here’s a sampling of just some of the Kraft concrete tools you’ll find at Intermountain Concrete Specialties showrooms:

  • Brooms, brushes, adapters and handles
  • Concrete chutes and accessories
  • Bull floats, brackets and adapters
  • Concrete stamps and texture mats
  • Curb tools, edgers and groovers
  • Decorative concrete supplies
  • Elite Series Five Star Concrete Trowels™
  • Rebar Benders
  • Screeds and straight edges

For the commercial contractors to the beginner home DIYer to and everyone in between, Intermountain Concrete Specialties can provide the concrete tools and know-how to complete any project. Visit a showroom near you and talk to our expert staff!

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