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Exterior Spring Cleaning and Home Maintenance Checklist

Spring has sprung in Utah and the arrival of warm weather makes us want to head outdoors. It’s the perfect time to clear out the clutter and start fresh, but save the closet organizing for rainy days. Instead, tackle these outdoor spring cleaning and home maintenance projects to get your home ready for spring.

√ Decks, Patios and Porches
The first step to deck, patio and porch maintenance is a good spring cleaning. Sweep and power wash, clear weeds and debris, and check for loose steps or railings. If you notice cracks in concrete patios, follow the same steps we recommend below for sidewalks. Once your patio is clean and repaired, protect it from future stains and damage with a concrete sealer. Consider beautifying with decorative stamped concrete to enhance home value and appearance.

√ Concrete Sidewalks and Walkways
Concrete sidewalks can take a beating in winter. The first step to spring concrete maintenance is a good cleaning. Sweep away any debris so you can get a good look at the current condition. Next, carefully inspect concrete, checking for cracked or crumbling areas. Visit one of Intermountain Concrete Specialties six locations in Utah and Idaho the products, tools and tips you need to repair concrete cracks before damage progresses.

√ Foundation
Check concrete foundation walls, floors and slabs for cracking, heaving or deterioration. Some cracks are minor and can be repaired. If the crack is the width of a nickel, it’s time to call a professional.

√ Roof
Winter can take a toll on your roof so perform a close inspection each spring. Check flashings, and look for punctured, cracked, curled or missing shingles. Some are visible from the ground, but it’s a good idea to get a closer look to see if roof maintenance is required.

√ Gutters
Gutters and downspouts need to be clear of obstructions to properly manage rain water and to prevent moisture damage to your home. Clear leaves and other winter debris from gutters, reattach loose ones, and make sure water runoff is directed away from the house. If there are leaks, dry the area and use caulk or epoxy to seal.

√ Siding
Check for loose siding panels and ensure the flashing is in place. Clean siding with a pressure washer to remove winter’s dirt and debris. Take care of any necessary exterior siding repairs or painting.

Routine maintenance on your central HVAC unit can improve airflow, which in turn can lower heating and cooling costs. If you have an outdoor unit, remove dust, leaves, grass clipping and any other debris that may be blocking airflow. Be sure to shut power to the unit before performing any maintenance. HVAC spring maintenance is definitely something you want to tackle before Utah’s summer heat kicks in.

√ General landscaping
This is a given when it comes to spring home maintenance. Clear dead leaves, branches and other debris; clean out garden and flower beds; prune and trim trees and shrubs; and reseed thin or damaged areas of the lawn.

√ Sprinklers
Check for leaky valves and broken or clogged sprinkler heads. Clean or replace poorly performing sprinklers, check operating pressure, and adjust sprinkler heads as necessary. Open the main water valve slowly to allow pipes to fill gradually and avoid bursting a pipe.

√ Windows and doors
Check screens for punctures or holes, and inspect windowsills and doorways for cracks and potential leaks. To protect from spring rains, remove eroded caulk and fill cracks with fresh exterior caulking. Repaint and seal for a beautiful home enhancement.

Your Utah home is one of the biggest investments you will ever make. Take care of it with spring cleaning and home maintenance so you can enjoy a safe and beautiful home for years to come. Don’t forget to check out our list of 7 Outdoor Concrete Projects for Spring  and the 10 concrete products you need to make them happen!

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7 Outdoor Concrete Projects for Spring
March 24, 2016 | Spring concrete projects

It’s officially spring, and we’re ready to get outside and tackle those outdoor concrete projects we’ve been dreaming about all winter. True, you can never say never when it comes to spring snow in Utah, but it’s a great time to start planning for outdoor concrete projects big and small. From sprucing up a drab concrete slab to DIYing a fire pit, here are seven great ideas for outdoor concrete specialties projects for spring.

1. Give your boring patio a facelift.
You don’t have to be stuck with that drab gray concrete slab in your backyard. Transform your dull, stained, or just plain boring patio with a decorative concrete finish—and change the look of your yard in the process. Stained, stamped or polished, decorative concrete finishes can transform a concrete slab with sophisticated looks that mimic natural stone, slate, wood, and tile—without the steep price tag and upkeep.

concrete specialties

NewLook decorative concrete refinishing

2. Don’t have a patio? Make one!
Concrete is a cost-effective and versatile way to add value and appeal to your home. Your patio can be the focal point of your backyard, so it’s important to do it right. And you can, when you have the right products, tools and prep. Just ask any of the experts at Intermountain Concrete Specialties what you need to get your project off (or on) the ground.

3. Concrete stepping stones
Now that you’ve built your patio, you need a pathway to get there. There are so many options for concrete stepping stone molds, you can create any look you like, and place them anywhere you need them.

4. Concrete planters
Outdoor planters can be pricey, but with a little extra concrete, some creativity, and inspiration, you can DIY them. Concrete planters can vary in style and size, so decide whether you want to create small accents or larger statement pieces.

5. Outdoor concrete furniture
Forget overpriced patio sets from the big box stores. Create your own custom outdoor concrete furniture instead. Durable and weather-resistant, concrete is a great choice for outdoor furniture, plus you can customize it to fit any space you need. Benches, tables, seating, there are so many possibilities.

6. Fire pit
DIY a concrete fire pit to add instant ambiance to any outdoor space. Adding a fire pit is both functional and attractive—plus, it can extend the use of your outdoor space into cooler weather.

concrete specialties

7. Outdoor kitchen
The patio’s in place, now let’s get cooking. While a patio gives you the space, an outdoor kitchen can be the thing that really brings people together. Bring the heart of your home outdoors, and create great food and unforgettable memories with the people who mean the most to you.

Remember, concrete is affordable, durable, and versatile. When done right, it can have lasting impact on your home’s value. Need some inspiration? Check us out on Pinterest, then visit Intermountain Concrete Specialties to get the products, equipment and know-how to get your spring outdoor concrete projects off (or on) the ground.



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Concrete Tools for Spring Projects

It’s spring — and that means its time to start planning your spring and summer concrete projects and getting the concrete supplies needed! Both residential DIYers and commercial contractors have been visiting Intermountain Concrete Specialties showrooms for concrete tools, supplies and project advice. We carry hundreds of concrete tools just for DIY Spring projects, including Marshalltown and Kraft Tool. Both of these high quality brands are proudly made in the U.S.A.

concrete tools

Marshalltown Concrete Tools
In business for 120 years, Marshalltown has set a high standard of quality for its tools since day one. Beginning with a line of plastering trowels for masonry in the late 1800s, Marshalltown’s tools now include high quality concrete tools used by professionals and homeowners. Intermountain Concrete Specialties carries over 100 Marshalltown tools, including screeds, hand groovers and edgers, pool trowels, bull floats, finishing trowels, concrete form stakes, contractor grade shovels, corner trowels, curb tools, stake tools and pullers, straight edges, placers, tampers and much more. As dependable as Marshalltown itself, these American-made tools are made to last!

Kraft Concrete Tools
Kraft Tool Co.® has been a leading manufacturer of concrete products for more than 30 years. We carry Kraft concrete tools to help you through every phase of your concrete projects — from spreaders and placers to lay your concrete, to Kraft’s signature flat trowel with a ProForm® handle. Here’s a sampling of just some of the Kraft concrete tools you’ll find at Intermountain Concrete Specialties showrooms:

  • Brooms, brushes, adapters and handles
  • Concrete chutes and accessories
  • Bull floats, brackets and adapters
  • Concrete stamps and texture mats
  • Curb tools, edgers and groovers
  • Decorative concrete supplies
  • Elite Series Five Star Concrete Trowels™
  • Rebar Benders
  • Screeds and straight edges

For the commercial contractors to the beginner home DIYer to and everyone in between, Intermountain Concrete Specialties can provide the concrete tools and know-how to complete any project. Visit a showroom near you and talk to our expert staff!

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