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Elevating the look of your concrete surface is easy with concrete stains. Whether creating a beautiful backyard escape, transforming a drab basement floor or adding a little color to a garage, staining is a great option.

These informative demo videos explain how to use some of our most popular concrete stain products, as well as how to get unique and beautiful finishes that can be completely customized to specific tastes and styles. If you’re interested in one of our concrete stains and want a good example of how to use it or how the finished product will look, you’ve come to the right place.

Brickform Blushtone Acid Stains

Find out why Brickform Blush-Tone Acid Stain is one of our most popular stain products. This video shows all of the different colors available, as well as a thorough demonstration of how the stain should be applied. Safety is essential and this video shows exactly what equipment and supplies you need to stay safe and get the best results possible.

Newlook Endura Faux Fusion

Those who want to avoid mixing their concrete stain may want to go with NewLook Endura Faux Fusion. This video shows examples of why this is a popular option, with many different colors available. Plus, you’ll see just how easy it is to apply in a huge range of applications, from sidewalks to pool decks.

NewLook Endura Solid Color Stain

If you’re looking to use NewLook Endura Solid Color Stain, be sure to watch this video for tips and tricks as well as step-by-step guidance. The application is fairly straightforward, but this tutorial shows the techniques you should use to get a smooth, even finish.

Newlook Smart Color

Want to know how to best apply NewLook SmartColor? This instructional video offers in-depth, how-to videos, along with tips and tricks to get good results. Find out how to best prepare your concrete before using the product, including stripping, power washing and testing to make sure this product is right for your project. Watch how to mix, apply and seal SmartColor, which requires careful processes for best results.

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