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Tilt-Up Construction Videos

The process of pouring a concrete wall on the building slab and then raising it vertically after curing has undergone continual improvement and refinement since the 1980s. As a result, the tilt-up process is very popular with developers and owners due to shortened project schedules and reduced labor costs.

The videos below feature our best tilt-up construction products, while others explain the process in greater detail. The ICS team is standing by to answer any questions you might have regarding the products or process; please contact us today.

How To Correctly Apply Bond Breakers

Bond breakers create a chemical membrane that allows the poured wall assembly to easily separate from the curing slab when raised by the crane. This video demonstrates the proper bond breaker agent application process in action.

Benefits of Tilt-Up Construction

This video shows several completed tilt-up projects, and then gives you a quick overview of the tilt-up process, from the design phase to the job site prep, then to pouring and raising the finished wall sections.

Bearcat Bolt Installation

For securely attaching slotted brace shoes to the new wall structure, nothing beats Bearcat Bolts. Featuring a special thread pattern and integral washer, Bearcat Bolts install quickly with a standard air or impact driver for a positive and secure connection.

Sure Built - Tiltup Animation

This six-minute video demonstrates the tilt-up process in greater detail including the frame layout and rebar installation for added strength and durability. The video also shows the installation of structural anchor devices for walls and columns, lift point anchors for the crane, before finishing up with a virtual tilt-up project walkthrough.

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