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While the traditional (cove, broom, hand and smooth trowel) concrete finishes are ideal for most clients and projects, the following decorative concrete products can turn a boring gray slab or walkway into a stunning architectural element.

The following videos deal with decorative concrete products such as concrete stamping designs, reusable concrete stencils and concrete surface deactivators to add interest and contrast for your next concrete project. ICS also carries a complete line of concrete stains, which can add additional tone, contrast and texture to an ocean of dull, gray concrete.

Should you have any questions regarding decorative concrete products for your next concrete project, send us an email or call us direct at 801.486.5311.

Exposed Aggregate using Brickform Surface Deactivator

Shows the Brickform Surface Deactivator in use to add interest and texture, while improving traction on a sidewalk. The formula applies with a standard hand sprayer, and after a short waiting period, a thorough power washing reveals the new aggregate finish.

Stamping Concrete with Brickform Decorative Patters

Shows how to use the Brickform fan patterns, available in European, Teardrop, Danish and Circulos de Sol concrete stamping patterns. The entire process, from poring and finishing the concrete, to the correct use of the stamps and releasing agents, is covered.

Brickform Concrete Dimensions Reusable Stencil

Here you can see one of the designs possible with the Brickform Reusable Stencil. The concrete in this video combines poured concrete, reusable concrete stencil and a surface deactivator. Once the deactivator is rinsed away, peel away the reusable stencil and admire the results.

Stampable Overlay

A two-man team walks you through the process of stampable overlays, which is completely different from concrete stamping patterns. A stampable overlay involves adding a thin layer of new concrete over the existing substrate, which is then stamped and stained to look like an antique hardwood floor.

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