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Mel Roll & Mel Drain

This video is unavailable. I did a search and found several different products, including mastics, dimpled sheeting and drains.

Hydralastic™ 836 Cold-Applied, Single Component Waterproofing

Designed for use on both vertical and horizontal surfaces, Hydralastic 836 is ideal for slabs and foundations that require a positive-side waterproofing solution. This product is Low VOC rated and can be easily applied with a brush or roller. Available in five-gallon pails for easy transport and handling.

Polycast Drain System

This six-minute video explains how the Polycast system components connect and are made using a combination of concrete, polymer and sand for superior strength and durability. It also covers installing a Polycast drain into an existing concrete slab from the initial trenching to the finished project.

Mel-Rol LM Liquid Waterproofing Membrane

This single-component, water-based solution is ideal for concrete and brick substrates found on new and remedial waterproofing projects. It can be easily applied to vertical and horizontal surfaces with a brush, roller or sprayer.

WR Meadows Perminator® 10 & 15 mil Vapor Barriers

The Perminator under-slab vapor barrier utilizes the latest polyolefin-based resin chemical technology to prevent moisture and radon gas from penetrating upward through the slab. Available in 10 and 15-mil thicknesses, this vapor barrier provides an economical solution against fungus, mildew and mold growth.

Mel-Dek Deck Waterproofing System

Mel-Dek laminates a shrink-resistant polypropylene woven fabric to a polymeric waterproofing membrane, making it ideal for bridges, parking structures and vehicular traffic areas with asphalt overlays. Once in place, pressure-applied rolling at the rubberized asphalt edges forms a membrane-to-membrane weld.

Xypex Concentrate & Modified Waterproof Coatings

Available in two formulations, Xypex Concentrate is specifically designed for one-coat applications, and Xypex Modified is designed for projects requiring a two-coat application. After mixing, the coating can be applied using a brush, roller or sprayer.

Xypex Patch'n Plug

When mixed with Xypex Concentrate according to the manufacturer’s instructions, Patch’n Plug can be used to repair any faulty joints, cracks, spalling, tie-holes or honeycombing in the concrete before applying the waterproof coating.

MasterSeal 581 Waterproof Coating

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