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As wet curing and moisture-retaining coverings are not always practical for curing concrete on active jobsites, a variety of liquid membrane-forming, curing compounds, some with sealers, are now available.

To help you determine which product provides the best option for your next project, the ICS Team has assembled this list of concrete curing and sealing product videos for your review. Should you have any questions regarding coverage, application techniques or hydration, send us an email or call us direct at 801.486.5311.

What is Concrete Curing & Sealing?

Begins with an overview of the 308R-16 Guide to External Curing of Concrete, as approved by the American Concrete Institute (ACI). While curing compounds alone dissipate with time, a curing and sealing compound can protect against blistering and loss of adhesion while adding a satin or high-gloss finish to your concrete project.

Decra-Seal, Non-Yellowing Sealer

Discusses DECRA-SEAL, the non-yellowing concrete sealer which meets the strict demands of ASTM C-1315, Class A specifications. The standard or water-based formula may be sprayed or roller-applied to most concrete surfaces. Also available in a Sure-Step formulation to meet slip-resistant requirements for ramps, steps and walkways.

Vocomp, Water Based Cure & Sealer

Introduces you to the VOC-compliant formulas of the VOCOMP family of water-based, acrylic curing and sealing products that helps minimize dusting, spalling, hair-checking and premature cracking. They create a permeable film that allows the moisture in cured concrete to evaporate, while improving chemical and wear performance once dry.

Decra-Seal, CS-309 Cure & Sealer

Explains how CS-309, a formula of special acrylic polymers and solvents, cures and seals concrete with one application to create hard, dense and high-compressive strength concrete. Ideal for concrete surfaces requiring a long-lasting finish that resists abrasion, de-icing products, oils, chemicals, grease and other spills.

Newlook SharkSeal Penetrating Concrete Sealer

Thanks to a blend of complex resins, additives and nano-enhanced fluoropolymers, SharkSeal deeply penetrates concrete, stone and paver materials to provide a superior seal against water and oil penetration. This non-yellowing formula makes cleanup a breeze, while protecting against freeze-thaw cycle damage and salt intrusion.

Liqui-Hard Concrete Densifier

Explains how the LIQUI-HARD Concrete Densifier and Chemical Hardener makes concrete surfaces harder, denser and dustproof. Once applied, the proprietary blend of ingredients creates a chemical reaction, with the byproduct filling in the concrete pores to improve abrasion, petroleum and chemical resistance of the treated surface.

Decra-Seal Natural

This video introduces you to DECRA-SEAL NATURAL, the water-based, non-yellowing sealer specifically designed to protect stamped concrete, acid-stained hardscapes and stone overlays from water damage and salt penetration, by chemically bonding to the finished surface. This product meets the Low-VOC requirements of the EPA, CARB, LADCO OTC Phase 1 and 2 and SCAQMD.

Creto DPS

This video shows the correct application procedure for Creto DPS (Deep Penetrating Sealer) which includes using a mop, roller or pump sprayer to apply the solution directly to the Portland Cement surfaces. After moving the sealer about for twenty minutes, mop or rinse the excess solution away and allow to dry.

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