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A concrete countertop can make a big statement in a kitchen. Pouring and preparing one requires know-how and experience, which comes with trying it out on your own. Take some time to learn from the best on how to successfully pour countertops that are smooth, beautiful and durable.

This collection of videos can help when pouring concrete countertops. Set aside time to watch each one for tips, tricks and techniques for the best results possible.

Building Concrete Countertops With Buddy Rhodes

Buddy Rhodes walks viewers through the process of making concrete countertops using three different methods: pressed, hard-troweled or ground. He also walks you through each of the methods and how the finished products look, as well as examples of what they look like in real-life kitchens.

How to Make a Cast in Place Countertop

In this video, Buddy Rhodes demonstrates how to make your own cast in place countertop. He shows how to prepare your form, how to mix the concrete, how to add supports and how to get a beautiful, smooth finish.

Meet Buddy Rhodes

Learn from the best in this introductory video about Buddy Rhodes, a well-known concrete countertops artist who has created his own mix specifically for concrete countertops. Instead of the traditional gray concrete mix, Buddy Rhodes’ mix is white and easy to color. Want to be inspired? You’ll see several of Buddy’s creations, from fireplace mantles to bathroom sinks.

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