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Tilt-Up and Concrete Construction Tool Videos

During our 70+ years in business, we’ve seen dozens of concrete construction tools of all sizes, shapes and varieties hit the market. While some were a big miss and quickly forgotten, others were a big hit and became an industry staple for concrete construction or finishing.

To help you get back to running your business, we’ve sorted through all the online noise and customer feedback to assemble the best concrete tools available today. And if you know of a product that we should include or review, please contact us today

Gatorback Tool Belts

Tired of the tool belt options found at big box stores, Gatorback has created the first tool belt designed by contractors. Features include box-style pouches to hold more fasteners and tool pouches designed to meet the needs of different trades. The belt utilizes molded foam for added comfort and a micro-weave fabric for breathability.

MagVibe Pro

Easily turn your float into a vibrating screed with the MagVibe Pro. Features include a 20-hour operation window on a single charge. The vibrator unit is located at the float instead of the handle like many lesser-quality brands.

Pro Tilt Attachment

This patent-pending device features lightweight aluminum construction, with beveled gears and a locking tension knob. The Quick Attach system means you can remove and safely store your float blades without the risk of potential damage to the float head during storage or transport.

Kraft Tools

Serving the concrete trades since 1981, Kraft Tools feature unparalleled quality across their extensive line of concrete finishing tools, including standard and right-angle placers, floats, bull floats, magnesium screeds, edgers, margin trowels, groovers and finish brooms, too.

Orange Thunder Tools

Another product line by Kraft Tools, Orange Thunder products outperform similar finishing tools using aluminum, magnesium, wood, resin and steel. This line of floats and trowels incorporates KO-20 technology (curved surface channels) that dramatically speeds up the finishing process.

Marshalltown Tools in Action

Established by two brothers in 1890, Marshalltown has a history of producing only the highest quality tools and products. In this video, several different Marshalltown trowels, hand floats, bull floats and fresnos are demonstrated on a concrete repair project.

Albion Backer Rod Rover

If you’re looking for labor savings when it comes to installing backer rod foam at saw cuts or expansion joints, your search is over. In this video you’ll see how the Albion Backer Rod Rover disassembles for easy transport. Additional features include an idiot-proof and elevated spool support system for one-person usage.

Halder Hammers

Over the last 80 years, the original Simplex, soft-faced mallet has grown into a complete line of customizable hammers and mallets for tradespeople the world over. Here at ICS, we strongly recommend Halder Sledgehammers and non-rebounding sledgehammers to all our hard-working customers. See the difference for yourself, today!

Chapin Sprayers

Based in Batavia, New York since its founding over 100 years ago, Chapin Sprayers are famous for their structural integrity, leakproof construction and wide-mouth openings. In this video, you’ll see their simple, yet ingenious Tri-Lock Mechanism for superior sealing in action.

Albion How to Properly Load a Bulk Caulking Gun

In this five-minute video, you’ll see the proper cleaning, maintenance and loading directions applicable to most bulk caulking guns. The 20 and 30-ounce tubes mean less cartridge changes and higher production levels compared to traditional caulking guns.

Tooling a Concrete Joint

In this short video, you’ll see workers tooling a sealant joint where the roadway surface meets the concrete curb/gutter assembly. Tooling works the sealant deep into the joint or gap to minimize expansion and contraction due to temperature changes.

Re-Grip Tape

This product earned a bronze medal at the 2017 Edison Awards and has become the gold standard for re-gripping tools and equipment around the globe. Simply choose the correct size for your application, then slip, zip and regrip for added comfort with solvent, heat, weather and vibration resistance, too.

Keson Giant String Chalk Lines

Ideal for large-scale layout projects such as parking lots, streets and concrete, the Keson Giant (referring to the line thickness) chalk line reels hold up to one pound of chalk for fewer refills. Available in line lengths of 100′, 110′, 130′ and 150′, all units feature a one-piece steel crank for increased durability.

JSP Evolution Hard Hats

See the latest in hard hat technology providing comfort and increased safety with an extended rear deck. Other notable features include the EZ Twist mechanism for one-handed adjustment, and optional features such as hearing and eye protection.

Stabila Tech level Calibration

In this short video you can see a Stabila Tech demonstrate the correct process for the four-point calibration process, essential for most popular electronic levels in use on the job-site today.

Sola Spirit Levels

This video explains the unique benefits of spirit levels over traditional water levels. Besides being unaffected by electrical current or charge, the enhanced luminous vial is also breakproof and has an operating range of -20 to 60 degrees Celsius.

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