Intermountain Concrete Specialties Product Roundup

Concrete can be backbreaking work. It’s heavy, messy and requires a lot of stamina. But we love it (and we know you do, too) so we’ve rounded up some of our favorite solutions to everyday concrete issues with our concrete products roundup—and to help you lighten your load.

Speaking of heavy loads…

First in our concrete product roundup, capable of hauling up to 750 pounds per load, Overland Electric Wheelbarrows are powerful yet simple to use. Simply load up an Overland Electric Wheelbarrow, push the throttle, and go! Multiple wheels keep larger loads steady, and power assist helps you get up inclines and rough terrain without a problem. Features include a heavy-duty steel frame and an enclosed gearbox to resist water and mud. Capable of traveling up to 2.4 mph, Overland’s Electric Wheelbarrows emit no fumes and virtually no noise. All electric power means zero emissions, zero fumes—and full power all the time.

Having water issues due to porous concrete? Go below the surface and block water from the inside with Creto Deep Penetrating Sealer. Creto DPS offers crystalline waterproofing for new or existing concrete slabs, going deep to form a gel under the surface of the concrete creating a barrier to stop water. How does it work? Creto DPS reacts with the free line and alkali-forming insoluble calcium silicate crystals to block moisture from migrating to the surface—while still allowing concrete to breathe. Creto DPS is ideal for concrete sidewalks, basements, retaining walls, highway bridges, garages and more.

Another in our concrete product roundup, made from high-quality materials for the everyday contractor, the No. 29 Line Concrete Finishing Brush by Magnolia is designed especially for putting the final touches on concrete work. The lightweight, soft horsehair concrete finishing brush can also be used to sweep fine particles on smooth floors. Magnolia brush brooms are finishing brooms at their best.

concrete product roundup

Cracked concrete? No problem! Ultrabond 365CC  to the rescue. This code-compliant, hybrid-anchoring adhesive offers the highest elevated temperature creep performance on the market today. Nobody wants to come back to a job two or three days later when you can finish in the same day. Ultrabond 365CC delivers a full cure in 45 minutes!

Do you have old, dried concrete lingering on your tools, equipment, or even your work truck? Skip the harsh chemicals and reach for the RoMix. RoMix Back-Set Molecular Cement Dissolver turns hard-set cement back to rinsable mud by breaking down the ionic bond in Portland cement to completely dissolve and release the hardened cement from any surface to which it is adhered. Best of all, Back-Set is biodegradable and environmentally safe, free from muriatic, hydrochloric, hydroflouric, sulfuric or phosphoric acids. Learn more about this green concrete remover:

Questions? Intermountain Concrete Specialties showrooms are a great place to find out about the latest and most reliable concrete products. Stop by any one of our six locations to speak with a product expert!