Concrete Projects You Can Do This Winter

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The arrival of winter in Utah has the potential to wreak havoc on your outdoor concrete projects. Even mildly cold temperatures can affect curing time. That’s why winter is a great time to focus on those projects you can do indoors. However, concrete may also be safely placed in cold weather, as long as necessary precautions and best practices are used. Here are some of Intermountain Concrete Specialties’ top product recommendations to help avoid surprises in your winter concrete projects. Learn how to use concrete for your indoor projects with these products and tips.

Basement Floors

Installing a concrete floor is a common basement renovation, and an ideal project to take on during winter. Once the concrete has been prepped, poured and leveled, use a trowel to smooth any rough areas, then level the surface using a float. A self-leveling floor topping and underlayment like FLOOR-TOP STG can help smooth out uneven or rough floors, while curing to a hard surface suitable for foot traffic.

floor-top stg

FLOOR-TOP STG is a single-component, self-leveling floor topping and underlayment designed to smooth out uneven or rough interior concrete floors. FLOOR-TOP STG cures to a hard surface suitable for standard foot traffic and light, rubber-wheeled traffic, and can be enhanced with integral colors, dyes, stains and sealers. You don’t have to stick to boring gray concrete floors in your basement. This gives you design flexibility to create a space that fits your taste and style.


Concrete countertops are a durable, affordable and rewarding DIY project for homeowners. Smooth surfaces, plain edges and simple cutouts are recommended for rookies. But don’t despair—when you factor in the endless possibilities of stains and dyes you’ll end up with a pretty spectacular decorative finish. Quikrete Countertop Mix is a great starting point, creating a durable, economical finish that can be created to suit almost any décor style.

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If you’re pouring concrete countertops inside a new build that is exposed to winter temperatures, be sure to use preventative measures to ensure a quality finish. Concrete blankets will be your saving grace in any cold weather concrete pour, even inside. If you do have cracks or other issues, Ultrabond 365CC Cold Weather Epoxy comes to the rescue, delivering a full cure in just 45 minutes.

Decorative Finishes and Sealants

concrete projects decretive finishes and sealants

When introducing concrete floors and countertops to home interiors, there’s a vast array of decorative stains, dyes and finishes that can turn concrete from a gray slab into a statement piece with a wow factor. Pattern and texture set the tone and color enhances the overall design. Innotech stains and dyes are available in a variety of options including integral colors, chemical stains, acid or water-based stains, color hardeners, antique releases and more, to create just about any decorative concrete finish you can imagine.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, W.R. Meadows CS309-25 is one of our all-time favorite exterior concrete sealers. This industrial-quality workhorse sealer is specially formulated with acrylic polymers that cure and seal freshly placed concrete for a durable, long-lasting finish. Be sure to seal in the finish that you’ve worked so hard to achieve so that you don’t have to re-do the process later on.

Taking it outside

Still determined to pour outdoors in winter? While cold temperatures, snow and ice can disrupt outdoor concrete pouring and curing, you can still get some concrete projects done with the right conditions and products.

Even mildly cold temperatures can affect concrete curing time. Concrete blankets provide warmth when Mother Nature can’t. Temperature is actually the number two cause of concrete sealing problems, second only to moisture, so cold weather protection is critical to winter concrete projects. Concrete blankets help prevent freezing and cracking while providing optimal insulation for your outdoor concrete projects. The blanket helps block out moisture and cold to help the curing process. Click to learn more about protecting exposed concrete with concrete curing blankets.

Another product to help your outdoor concrete pours in winter is Anti-Hydro Admixture. It provides increased workability with lower water requirements, enhances internal curing time and produces high-strength concrete early in the curing process. This helps prevent damage due to frost and other cold weather hindrances. When added into concrete, Anti-Hydro Admixture produces dense, durable, water and damp-proofed concrete, while improving workability and reducing shrinkage and cracking. Fortify your concrete with Anti-Hydro® Admixture for cold weather. Learn more! 

Concrete blankets like those from Midwest Canvas provide the thermal resistance (R-factor) and protection necessary to prevent newly poured concrete from freezing in winter.

Outside Concrete in Winter

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