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As we celebrate 70 years supplying the concrete industry. We want thank you by giving you free stuff. Check this out to see the latest Giveaway.

November Givaway

For the Month of November we are giving away a Magvibe Pro & 4′ ProFloat.

Magvibe Pro –

Let the vibration do the work. Any float you use can be turned into a vibrating screed.
*Increase Productivity and Minimize Fatigue
*High Frequency vibration
*Gear Driven pivot
*Pivot tensioner
*Bolts onto your Existing Float with QAS™ (Quick Attach System)
*Easy to Remove with No Tools
*Light Weight – Only 4.9 lbs
*Built in LiPo battery lasts up to 16 hours
*Push button on/off button unit
*LED battery indicator

October Giveaway

For the Month of October we are giving away a Topcon RL-H5B Laser, Tripod, and Grade rod! the workhorse of the lasers. You don’t want to miss this!

When you want a laser you can depend on, Choose a Topcon! Available in all 7 location, stop by and enter.

The RL-H5B is durable, long-range laser with high accuracy.
With great distance and high-accuracy — The RL-H5B is a next generation self-leveling construction laser.

* Long-range operation (400 m)
* ±5 Degrees self-leveling range
* Simple, intuitive manual slope capability
* ±20 Arc second horizontal accuracy
* Extra-long battery life (100 hours)
* Tough IP66 weatherproof rating

Congrats to Ofa

September Giveaway

This month we are giving away the best Powercutter in the Market. That’s right we are giving away a Husqvarna K770 saw.

Cutting depth, max 5 in
Blade diameter, max 14 in
Output power 5 hp
Easy and optimal belt tensioning, Light and powerful Heavy-duty cutting arm, Long service intervals.

Congrats to Jeff Call.

August Giveaway

For the month of August we have teamed up with Kraft tool company to give away $600 worth of concrete tools!

rize include:
1ea. CF739 20×4 Trowel
1ea. CF745 24×4 Trowel
1ea CF064PE 16″ Mag Float
1ea. CF577 6 x 6 x 1/2″ Edger
1ea. CF578 6 x 6 x 3/4″ Edger
1ea. HC151 5×2 Margin Trowel
1ea WL087 Leather Knee pads
1ea. PVC Boots
1ea. GF10300 – 4′ Square End Bullfloat Kit (Includes 4 handles & Case)
1ea. CC891 4′ Buckeye Screed Board

Congratulations to Jed Christensen!

July Giveaway

This month we are giving away a Gatorback Concrete Toolbelt & Suspenders.

Foundation Layer Tool Belt Combo –
This is the first tool belt on the market to be designed for foundation setters. Ultra-Deep Pouch for Ties and an accessory pouch for Bolts/Pins. A must have for putting up concrete form systems.

+ Extra-Deep tie pouch allows for carrying the specific tool and accessories for the trade
+ Every stress point is reinforced with extremely strong bar-tack stitching and heavy duty metal rivets to ensure that the pockets won’t ever tear out
+ More Benefits -

Congratulations John Thomas!

May/June Giveaway

This month we are giving away a Campchef Smoker.

Congratulations to:

Rich Marquez

Travis Blakely

Clint Chournos

Michael Evens

Clayne Wayman

Cody Ekker

April Giveaway

This months Giveaway is a Sola 24″ Level and Stringline



March Giveaway

We want to say thank you for 70 years supplying the Concrete and Construction Industry.

Come Join us for Food, Great Products, and Prizes.


February Giveaway

This month we are giving away 2ea Lifetime Cooler 54qrt.

Congratulations to Jamie Orton & Jason Leishman