Choosing the Right Concrete Walk-Behind Saw

Updated December 20, 2023 | December 23, 2016 | concrete, concrete equipment, Intermountain Concrete Specialties, walk-behind saws

At Intermountain Concrete Specialties, we know that a walk-behind saw is a handy piece of concrete equipment to have in your arsenal. When it comes to choosing the right concrete walk-behind saw for your construction project, here are three great options.

SRX Concrete Walk-Behind Saw

MK Diamond SRX-150
Compact and lightweight, the SRX-150 is a walk-behind saw designed for early entry dry cutting of crack control joints. The SRX-150 is effective within a couple of hours of concrete finishing, and features an upcut blade rotation and blade guard to help keep debris and dust out. The SRX-150 concrete walk-behind saw also features:

• Remotely mounted throttle with stop switch for quick operator access
• Folding handle for compact storage and transport
• Anti-spall quick-change skid plate

Blade shaft with self-aligning bearings, 3-inch non-marking wheels, and a poly V-belt for positive power transmission make this walk-behind saw powerful and operator-friendly.

MK Diamond CX3 Series Concrete Walk-Behind Saw

MK Diamond CX-3®
Engineered for small to medium jobs, the CX-3 Walk-Behind Saw is lightweight and compact for easy maneuverability. Small yet powerful, this walk-behind saw can be used for dry or wet cutting. A built-in water distribution system supplies water to both sides of the blade, which can be mounted on either side, and cuts within one inch of curbs or walls. The hinged, cast-aluminum blade guard allows for easy blade changes.    

Norton CG55 Concrete Walk-Behind Saw

Norton GC55
The Norton GC55 Walk-Behind Concrete Saw is engineered for tough jobs in a lightweight, compact design. Powered by a Honda 5HP gas engine, the GC55 is an early entry saw that can be used on green or cured concrete, and for decorative cutting. The small walk-behind saw has a low, wide profile and a fold-down design for easy storage. The weighted front blade mount and improved wheel design help guide straight cuts, so your concrete cuts have never looked better.  

Intermountain Concrete Specialties carries the MK Diamond SRX-150, MK Diamond CX-3, and the Norton GC55 Walk-Behind Saws. Stop by your local Intermountain Concrete Specialties for demos and expert advice about which concrete walk-behind saw is right for your next concrete project.