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Intermountain Concrete Specialties Open House Celebrations

Intermountain Concrete

Intermountain Concrete Specialties would like to extend a big “Thank You!” to all of our valued customers, especially those who attended our two Open House celebrations, commemorating Intermountain Concrete Specialties’ 65 years in business. Open House dates were May 19, 2015 at our Logan showroom, and May 21, 2015 at our Salt Lake City location.

A combined total of more than 500 customers attended our Logan and Salt Lake City Open House events for lunch, door prizes, and a chance to visit with top manufacturer representatives.

As a leading supplier of concrete products to the Intermountain West, our Open House celebration welcomed representatives from Innotech, Quikrete, WR Meadows, Hi Country Sales (representing Kraft Tools and Spectra Lasers), Aspentown (representing Marshalltown and Diamond Products), Mapei, Dayton Superior, Lyons Manufacturing, HH Sales (representing Brentwood and Swiss Sprayers), Crete/Commercial Building Solutions, Brad Steele/Chapin Manufacturing, Sika Corp/Greenstreak, US Spec, BASF, MBW/Clipper (represented by Lew Hudson) and more. Reps were on hand to share knowledge about the latest innovations in concrete products.

 Logan Open House — May 19, 2015

intermountain concrete

Mapei rep Jeff Walker at ICS Logan Open House

intermountain concrete

Visiting with reps at the Logan Open House — Intermountain Concrete Specialties 65th anniversary

intermountain concrete

Kraft Tools representative Mike Harrison

intermountain concrete

ICS General Manager Mark Brewer with representative from Dayton Superior

intermountain concrete

SealTight representative at Intermountain Concrete Specialties Logan open house

intermountain concrete

Megan Lord from US Spec — ICS Logan 65th anniversary open house

intermountain concrete

Dayton Superior at ICS Logan Open House

intermountain concrete

Contractors visiting with concrete product reps | Intermountain Concrete Specialties 65th anniversary, Logan, Utah

intermountain concrete

Serving up lunch with a smile!

intermountain concrete

Contractors and customers enjoying lunch | ICS 65th anniversary, Logan, Utah

intermountain concrete

ICS Logan store manager Travis Johnson with Paul Jackson


Salt Lake City Open House — May 21, 2015

intermountain concrete

Intermountain Concrete Specialties 65th Anniversary Open House, Salt Lake City, Utah

intermountain concrete

Checking out the latest and greatest in concrete products

intermountain concrete

Customers visiting with concrete product reps at the Salt Lake City ICS open house

intermountain concrete

Concrete manufacturer product display

intermountain concrete

Intermountain Concrete Specialties sales rep Tony Frazier with concrete manufacturer product representatives.

intermountain concrete

intermountain concrete

Serving up the World’s Best CornDogs

intermountain concrete

Enjoying lunch and catching up with buddies at the ICS Open House in Salt Lake City

Thank you to all of our customers and representatives for 65 great years in the concrete business!


Founded in 1950, Intermountain Concrete Specialties continues to carry on its tradition of supplying the concrete industry  in the Intermountain West with state-of-the-art concrete products, tools and know-how, all backed by superior customer service. Stop by any of our six locations throughout Utah and Idaho to find out about the latest and most reliable concrete products on the market today.

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Concrete Hand Tools

Simple concrete hand tools are an important part of any concrete job, even with today’s high-tech tools. Whether you’re smoothing a slab, leveling a driveway, edging a sidewalk, patching a wall or performing delicate detail work, there’s simply no substitute for a skilled concrete craftsman with a high-quality hand tool.

It’s especially important to use high-quality hand tools when you’re putting the finishing touches on any concrete project. Concrete hand tools can vary in quality, and that’s why Intermountain Concrete Specialties has chosen to partner with top concrete hand tool manufacturers and suppliers like Kraft Tool, Marshalltown and C.H. Hanson. You name it, we carry it: trowels, fresnos, edgers, groovers, floats, brooms and many other types of concrete hand tools.

It’s essential to match the right tool to the right job. This is especially true in the case of finish work, as the work immediately following concrete placement is critical to a successful finished product. These concrete hand tools essential to any concrete project:

Hand floats and bull floats are used for leveling a concrete slab. Bull floats are wide-bladed concrete hand tools used on the first pass after screed work. Magnesium floats are smaller, hand held floats used for finishing exterior concrete. A laminated wood bull float works well for smoothing and leveling interior concrete surfaces. A variety of blade types allows for different concrete finishes.

concrete hand toolHand Trowels and Fresnos
As one of the final hand tools used in the concrete finishing process, trowels are used to achieve a smooth texture and level surface. Trowels bring water to the surface of concrete. Different types of trowels are used for specific concrete projects. A fresno looks similar to a bull float but is actually a large trowel with a long handle and a tempered steel blade. Fresnos are for use on concrete surfaces that have been floated with magnesium or wood bull floats.

concrete hand toolConcrete Edgers and Groovers
A concrete edger has an L-shaped edge on one side to separate the slab from the forms. The other side has a tapered edge for a rounded edge and professional finish. Concrete edgers are used when the concrete begins to dry.

concrete hand toolControl Jointers
Grooving a concrete surface can help prevent cracking as the concrete dries. A control jointer directs the concrete to crack in a joint, rather than in the center of a slab.

concrete hand tool

A concrete finishing broom adds texture to concrete. This adds skid resistance to the concrete surface. A broom finish is a traditional finish look for concrete, but can also be adjusted for a smoother or more creative pattern.


With six locations across Utah and Idaho, Intermountain Concrete Specialties has the concrete hand tools you need to finish any concrete project.

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Concrete Tools for Spring Projects

It’s spring — and that means its time to start planning your spring and summer concrete projects and getting the concrete supplies needed! Both residential DIYers and commercial contractors have been visiting Intermountain Concrete Specialties showrooms for concrete tools, supplies and project advice. We carry hundreds of concrete tools just for DIY Spring projects, including Marshalltown and Kraft Tool. Both of these high quality brands are proudly made in the U.S.A.

concrete tools

Marshalltown Concrete Tools
In business for 120 years, Marshalltown has set a high standard of quality for its tools since day one. Beginning with a line of plastering trowels for masonry in the late 1800s, Marshalltown’s tools now include high quality concrete tools used by professionals and homeowners. Intermountain Concrete Specialties carries over 100 Marshalltown tools, including screeds, hand groovers and edgers, pool trowels, bull floats, finishing trowels, concrete form stakes, contractor grade shovels, corner trowels, curb tools, stake tools and pullers, straight edges, placers, tampers and much more. As dependable as Marshalltown itself, these American-made tools are made to last!

Kraft Concrete Tools
Kraft Tool Co.® has been a leading manufacturer of concrete products for more than 30 years. We carry Kraft concrete tools to help you through every phase of your concrete projects — from spreaders and placers to lay your concrete, to Kraft’s signature flat trowel with a ProForm® handle. Here’s a sampling of just some of the Kraft concrete tools you’ll find at Intermountain Concrete Specialties showrooms:

  • Brooms, brushes, adapters and handles
  • Concrete chutes and accessories
  • Bull floats, brackets and adapters
  • Concrete stamps and texture mats
  • Curb tools, edgers and groovers
  • Decorative concrete supplies
  • Elite Series Five Star Concrete Trowels™
  • Rebar Benders
  • Screeds and straight edges

For the commercial contractors to the beginner home DIYer to and everyone in between, Intermountain Concrete Specialties can provide the concrete tools and know-how to complete any project. Visit a showroom near you and talk to our expert staff!

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