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What’s In Your Summer Concrete Tool Arsenal?

Some concrete products are seasonal, some you’ll need year-round. Find out what’s new in store at Intermountain Concrete Specialties.

1. Efflock by NewLook International
This is the time of year when efflorescence—that white powdery substance caused by vapor migrating to the surface of a slab—begins to appear on concrete. Think of it as dandruff on your concrete (nobody wants that!). Efflock is a fast-acting, water-based concrete and masonry cleaner that removes chemical impurities at a nano-molecular level, so you can get rid of the problem for good.

2. Jackson Wheelbarrows
The professional’s choice for superior quality and performance, the latest Jackson Wheelbarrow at ICS features steel handles, a flat-free tire, and a 6-cubic-foot steel drum that can carry huge loads. This thing is made to be tough!

3. Sikaflex Self-Leveling Concrete Sealant
It’s a great time of year to seal cracks and joints in concrete sidewalks, balconies, garages, terraces, pavements and more. With SikaFlex Self-Leveling Sealant, you get a high-performance, premium-grade polyurethane sealant with accelerated curing capacity. Stop by your local Intermountain Concrete Specialties and let us show you the best way to use it!

4. Keson Industries Measuring and Marking Tools
Just in from Keson Industries! Check out the variety of long and short tape measures, chalk, chalk boxes, string lines and measuring wheels. Make your mark with the best measuring and marking tools!

5. MBW Concrete Equipment
Check out the latest MBW equipment. MBW has always been stellar, but the 2017 models offer new safety standards and a patent pending “low vibration” feature.

6. Topcon RL-H4C All-In-One Laser
For more measuring perfection, check out this cool laser. The Topcon RL-H4C all-in-one laser combines the functionalities of three lasers in one. Horizontal, slope and long range in one tough package—where distance and accuracy meet. Get it at any ICS location.

Occasionally we have surplus items (see below), or really great deals to pass on to you. Check our promotional items page for current deals.

7. Norton 4×4 Max Cut Diamond Blade (14 inches)
Dependable performance and quality assurance is what every concrete contractor asks for—and Norton’s 4×4 MaxCut Diamond Blade delivers. The 4×4 Max Cut delivers true cutting performance, longer life, and anti-crack gullets that help resist core cracking under extreme conditions. Visit our Salt Lake City location for a great promotional deal on this blade now.

8. Re-Grip Yellow
Improve the grip on hammers, shovels, hatchets, pipe wrenches, trowels and more. Re-Grip adds durability and comfort to almost any handle.

ICS Re-Grip Yellow

9. Husqvarna Fuel (Quart)
Husqvarna pre-mixed fuel is ready-to-use, ethanol-free, 95 octane premium blend designed for optimal engine performance. 50:1 fuel to oil ratio stays fresh. Get it at ICS Salt Lake.

10. Briggs & Stratton 6-Gallon Air Compressor
Available at our Salt Lake City location, this Briggs & Stratton 6-gallon air compressor brings power to portability. Equipped with tough wheels to move across rugged job sites, an oil-free pump for less maintenance, and a removable handle for easy storage.

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10 Concrete Products You Need For Spring

Sometimes it’s the little things that make a difference, and sometimes it’s the big things. From safety glasses to walk-behind cutters, we’ve rounded up 10 concrete products you need, big and small, to help you out with your next spring concrete project of any size.

Stabila Tech Levels | Concrete Products You Need

1. Stabila Tech Levels
Stabila takes electronic measuring technology to the next level with precise measurements, fast and accurate readings and single button calibration in this lightweight and strong tech level.

Epoxy coated rebar Concrete Products You Need

2. Epoxy coated rebar
Rebar has a tough job reinforcing concrete. Protect your rebar’s tensile strength from corrosive damage with green rebar.

PIP Safety Gear | Concrete Products You Need

3. PIP Protective Gear
PIP has been an industry leader in safety gear for 30 years. Come see us for the industry’s best hard hats, safety vests, safety glasses and more.

ScreeDemon Concrete Products You Need

4. MBW Screed Demon
MBW’s answer to the wet screed: the low-vibration, low maintenance ScreeDemon. Patent pending mount retention method minimizes operator control, so hand/arm vibration is 50-90% lower than other screeds.

Max Rebar Tying Concrete Products You Need

5. MAX USA CORP.RB398 Rebar Tying Machine
Featuring a lithium ion battery, the RB398 Rebar Tying Tool makes ties in less than 1 second per tie with consistent tie strength. Save time, money, and impact on your wrists!

Albion Backer Rod Rover | Concrete Tools You Need

6. Albion Backer Rod Rover
This walk-behind inserter can transform a labor-intensive job into an efficient and hassle-free one man operation. Achieve higher speed, quality, productivity and craftsmanship.

204 Universal Adaptor Concrete Tools You Need

7. 204 Universal Adaptor
The go-to adaptor for many types of concrete tools that gives the user a 360-degree angle that other adaptors won’t. The 204 Universal Adaptor is locally manufactured in Utah.

SwissMex Foaming Sprayer | Concrete Tools You Need

8. SwissMex ProFoam Foaming Sprayer
This foaming sprayer is a great accompaniment when using cleaners that need to stay on the surface.

Grout Pump | Concrete Products You Need

9. Kenrich Products GP-1HD Grout Pump
Designed for ease of use, the GP-1HD Grout Pump is designed for grouting hollow metal door frames and windows in place. Compact and requires minimal maintenance.

Plews Lubrimatic Barrel Pump | Concrete Products You Need

10. Plews Lubrimatic Pump
Need to get some sealer, form oil or cure out of a 55-gallon drum? Plews Lubrimatic Barrel Pumps will get the job done.


Intermountain Concrete Specialties has been the leading distributor of concrete supplies to the Intermountain West for 67 years, providing a wide range of products and world-class customer service. Visit one of our six stores in Utah and Idaho, and we’ll get you the concrete products you need to make your next concrete project a success.

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Self-Leveling Concrete

Self-leveling concrete is a polymer-modified cement that helps even out floors and create a flat, smooth surface. When properly applied, it has a similar compressive strength to traditional concrete. Depending on the type of self-leveling concrete used, it can be applied prior to applying a decorative finish or installing interior flooring.

Different self-leveling concrete formulas are recommended for different applications, finishes, and types of substrates. Here are three of Intermountain Concrete Specialties’ top recommendations for self-leveling concrete products.

Self-leveling concrete | Intermountain Concrete Specialties

This easy-prep, self-leveling concrete underlayment and repair mix creates a high-strength surface for interior concrete and engineer-approved floors. NOVAPLAN’s high-strength formulation is ideal for direct application on clean, properly primed and securely bonded substrates. NOVAPLAN EASY PLUS can be used over radiant-heated floors, and is recommended for interior residential, commercial, and institutional locations.

This single-component, self-leveling floor topping and underlayment is ideal for smoothing out rough, uneven concrete surfaces or slightly deteriorated interior concrete floors. It can be enhanced with integral colors, dyes, acid stains, and sealers. FLOOR-TOP STG cures to a hard surface suitable for standard foot traffic and light rubber-wheeled traffic. We recommend FLOOR-TOP STG for residential, commercial, retail, and office applications.

When you need a job done fast—and correctly—FLOWCRETE’s cement-based, self-leveling concrete formula is designed for rapid leveling of interior concrete floors. Use FLOWCRETE to level and smooth concrete prior to installing carpet, wood floors, tile and more within just 12-16 hours. FLOWCRETE is mixed with water, hardens through hydration, and does not require any troweling or curing.

We can help you choose the best self-leveling concrete for your next interior concrete project application. Visit your local Intermountain Concrete Specialties location for the expert advice, high-quality products and equipment you need to make your next concrete project a success!

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Choosing the Right Concrete Walk-Behind Saw
December 23, 2016 | Concrete Product Recommendations

At Intermountain Concrete Specialties, we know that a walk-behind saw is a handy piece of concrete equipment to have in your arsenal. When it comes to choosing the right concrete walk-behind saw for your construction project, here are three great options.

SRX Concrete Walk-Behind Saw

MK Diamond SRX-150
Compact and lightweight, the SRX-150 is a walk-behind saw designed for early entry dry cutting of crack control joints. The SRX-150 is effective within a couple of hours of concrete finishing, and features an upcut blade rotation and blade guard to help keep debris and dust out. The SRX-150 concrete walk-behind saw also features:

• Remotely mounted throttle with stop switch for quick operator access
• Folding handle for compact storage and transport
• Anti-spall quick-change skid plate

Blade shaft with self-aligning bearings, 3-inch non-marking wheels, and a poly V-belt for positive power transmission make this walk-behind saw powerful and operator-friendly.

MK Diamond CX3 Series Concrete Walk-Behind Saw

MK Diamond CX-3®
Engineered for small to medium jobs, the CX-3 Walk-Behind Saw is lightweight and compact for easy maneuverability. Small yet powerful, this walk-behind saw can be used for dry or wet cutting. A built-in water distribution system supplies water to both sides of the blade, which can be mounted on either side, and cuts within one inch of curbs or walls. The hinged, cast-aluminum blade guard allows for easy blade changes.    

Norton CG55 Concrete Walk-Behind Saw

Norton GC55
The Norton GC55 Walk-Behind Concrete Saw is engineered for tough jobs in a lightweight, compact design. Powered by a Honda 5HP gas engine, the GC55 is an early entry saw that can be used on green or cured concrete, and for decorative cutting. The small walk-behind saw has a low, wide profile and a fold-down design for easy storage. The weighted front blade mount and improved wheel design help guide straight cuts, so your concrete cuts have never looked better.  

Intermountain Concrete Specialties carries the MK Diamond SRX-150, MK Diamond CX-3, and the Norton GC55 Walk-Behind Saws. Stop by your local Intermountain Concrete Specialties for demos and expert advice about which concrete walk-behind saw is right for your next concrete project. 

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4 Products For Winter Concrete Projects

Mixing, curing, and sealing concrete properly is especially important when it comes to winter concrete projects. Concrete may be safely placed in cold weather, as long as necessary precautions and best practices are used. Here are some of Intermountain Concrete Specialties’ top product recommendations to help avoid surprises in your winter concrete projects.

1. Anti-Hydro® Admixture for Cold Weather

Anti-Hydro Admixture provides increased workability with lower water requirements, enhances internal curing time, and produces high strength concrete early in the curing process. This helps prevent damage due to frost and other cold weather hindrances. When added into concrete, Anti-Hydro Admixture produces dense, durable, water and damp-proofed concrete, while improving workability and reducing shrinkage and cracking. Fortify your concrete with Anti-Hydro® Admixture for cold weather. Learn more! 

2. Concrete Curing Blankets
Even mildly cold temperatures can affect concrete curing time. Concrete blankets provide warmth when Mother Nature can’t. Temperature is actually the number two cause of concrete sealing problems, second only to moisture, so cold weather protection is critical to winter concrete projects. Concrete blankets offer the R-factor necessary to prevent winter concrete projects from freezing, which can strengthen finished concrete. Click to learn more about protecting exposed concrete with concrete curing blankets.

3. FLOOR-TOP STG Concrete Floor Topping
If you’re moving indoors to work on winter concrete projects, here’s another ICS favorite from W.R. Meadows. FLOOR-TOP STG is a single-component, self-leveling floor topping and underlayment designed to smooth out uneven or rough interior concrete floors. FLOOR-TOP STG cures to a hard surface suitable for standard foot traffic and light rubber-wheeled traffic, and can be enhanced with integral colors, dyes, stains, and sealers.

4. CS309-25 Non-Yellowing Curing and Sealing Compound
We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, W.R. Meadows CS309-25 is one of our all-time favorite exterior concrete sealers. This industrial-quality workhorse sealer is specially formulated with acrylic polymers that cure and seal freshly placed concrete for a durable, long-lasting finish.


Visit your local Intermountain Concrete Specialties location in Utah or Idaho for the best tips and product recommendations for your winter concrete projects! 


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Concrete Sealing in Cold Weather

As fall turns to winter, temperature plays a critical role in sealing concrete. In fact, temperature is the number two cause of concrete sealing problems, second only to moisture. That means taking extra precautions to make sure concrete sealing is done right in cold weather.

When it comes to properly concrete sealing, both air and surface temperature play a role in proper sealing. Why? Once applied, sealers create a chemical reaction and the outside temperature decides how fast that reaction occurs—or if it happens at all. Most manufacturers recommend 50 to 90 degrees as the ideal temperature range for applying concrete sealer.

So what happens if you apply concrete sealer outside of that 40-degree range? Extreme temperatures will cause the sealer to apply too fast or too slow. Sealer reaction can also be affected by humidity, wind chill factor, and even time of day sealer is applied.

High temperatures cause sealer reactivity to increase. That means the hotter it is, the faster you’ll have to work to get the concrete sealer applied. High temperatures can result in “spider webs” when the solvent flashes before the sealer can form a film, or bubbles when the solvent flashes too fast and traps air.

Alternately, if the temperature is below 50 degrees, the chemical reaction slows and the time needed to properly seal concrete increases. Every concrete sealer has a minimum film-forming temperature (MFFT). This is the minimum temperature needed for the sealer to form a film, cure, and harden. If too much time passes, due to a too-cold surface temperature, you’ll end up with a weak sealer. If the temperature is significantly below the MFFT, curing stops completely, and a white residue will be left behind on the concrete surface. This is why it’s important to seal concrete properly before cold weather sets in.

As we transition from fall to winter and temperatures continue to drop, consider using concrete curing blankets to make sure concrete is properly cured and sealed. Remember, the colder the temperature, the longer it takes to cure and seal concrete. Proper curing and sealing of any concrete surface is critical to the projects long-term durability.

Click here to learn about different concrete sealers, or visit Intermountain Concrete Specialties for expert tips and the best concrete sealers in the industry.

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Seal the Deal with CS309-25 Concrete Sealer

It’s time to seal the deal and get started on that concrete project you’ve been putting off—and Intermountain Concrete Specialties has a great incentive for you to put your concrete plan in action! For a limited time, we’re offering a free pail of CS309-25 Non-Yellowing Acrylic Curing and Sealing Compound with the purchase of any 10 bags of FLOOR-TOP STG and/or SPECTRUM RE-KOTE TF from concrete manufacturer W.R. Meadows.

Why is CS309-25 one of our all-time favorite exterior concrete sealers? This industrial-quality sealer is a true workhorse, designed to improve resistance to chemicals, oil, grease, deicing salts and more. It applies easily and dries quickly with a clear, non-yellowing, acrylic finish. CS309-25 concrete sealer is specially formulated with acrylic polymers that effectively cure and seal freshly placed concrete, to provide a durable, long-lasting finish.

As more states implement stricter air quality regulations, VOC laws are changing. VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compound—which basically translates to how solvents react with the atmosphere. The goal of improved VOC laws is less harm to the ozone layers, which ultimately affects air quality.

Fortunately, CS-309-25 Non-Yellowing Acrylic Curing and Sealing Compound is VOC-compliant to date, and Intermountain Concrete Specialties locations have it readily available in large quantities. It’s the perfect opportunity to seal the deal on your next concrete project.

Concrete Sealer

CS309-25 concrete sealer is the ideal concrete sealer when paired with W.R. Meadows FLOOR-TOP STG Concrete Floor Topping or SPECTRUM RE-KOTE TF Concrete Repair Mortar and Resurfacer.

FLOOR-TOP STG is a single-component, self-leveling floor topping and underlayment. Ideal for smoothing out rough, uneven, or slightly deteriorated interior concrete floors, FLOOR-TOP STG cures to a hard surface suitable for standard foot traffic and light rubber-wheeled traffic, and can be enhanced with integral colors, dyes, stains, and sealers.

SPECTRUM RE-KOTE TF is an ideal choice for smoothing rough surfaces and repairing or resurfacing deteriorated concrete surfaces. This easy-to-use, versatile concrete repair mortar produces a concrete surface suitable for rubber-wheeled traffic. Because of its excellent bond strength, breathable properties, and freeze-thaw resistance, SPECTRUM RE-KOTE TF may be used for interior and/or exterior surfaces

Please note: This deal has expired:

For a limited time, purchase 10 bags of FLOOR-TOP STG and/or SPECTRUM RE-KOTE TF and we’ll give you a free 5-gallon pail of CS309-25 concrete sealer! For every 10 bags you purchase, you’ll get one free 5-gallon pail — so purchase 20, get two! This is the perfect opportunity to
 stock up on CS-309-25. Intermountain Concrete Specialties and W. R. MEADOWS have you covered for all your concrete flooring needs.

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Build a Concrete Fire Pit

Roasted marshmallows, S’mores, spending quality time with friends and family. We can think of many reasons to build a DIY concrete fire pit this summer. Fire pits are an affordable way to add cozy ambiance to any outdoor setting, and extend the use of your outdoor space well into colder months.

Things to consider when building a concrete fire pit are: permanent vs. portable, budget, location, safety* and style. Design can be as simple as a concrete fire pit bowl filled with lava rocks or gel candles, to more elaborate set ups with decorative concrete finishes and built-in seating. Design possibilities are endless. Consider the design of your home and landscaping when deciding on the style and size of the concrete fire pit.

Tools, materials and concrete accessories will vary depending on the type of fire pit you’re building. Intermountain Concrete Specialties can help you decide the best products and tools for your concrete project. Typically, a DIY concrete fire pit project will require marking paint or chalk, tape measure, shovel, level, pointing sand, general purpose sand, a bowl for the form or lumber for the framework, nails, L-brackets, fire bricks or a fire box, sealer, and of course, concrete. Additional products may be needed for your particular project.

One of our sales reps recently built this backyard fire pit using stone, Quikcrete Polymeric Pointing Sand, Quikcrete General Purpose Sand, and Creto Masterseal Stone Sealer. This permanent structure has plenty of area for seating, and a flat stone finish. A similar look can be achieved using decorative concrete for the surrounding platform.

DIY concrete fire pit

The basic steps for any DIY concrete fire pit project include:

  • Determining location
  • Marking out the fire pit dimensions
  • Leveling the ground to create a solid foundation
  • Building concrete form boxes (or shaping a concrete bowl)
  • Reinforcing the form with rebar
  • Pouring, curing and finishing concrete
  • Adding lava rock to get the fire pit ready for use

Stop by any Intermountain Concrete Specialties location with your design idea, and we’ll help you choose the right products and equipment to build a concrete fire pit that will have friends and family gathering, and building memories, for years to come.

*Check with your city or county for ordinances prior to building a fire pit, and practice proper fire safety when using a fire pit.

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Concrete Resurfacing

Concrete resurfacing brings new life to old concrete. Are you tired of looking at a drab concrete patio, cracked driveway, or discolored garage floor? You may be able to restore and resurface existing concrete, without having to replace it with the best concrete supplies.

Is my concrete suitable for resurfacing?

The answer is usually yes if your concrete is in fairly good condition but needs minor repairs and an updated finish. Concrete can usually be resurfaced with some of our concrete supplies if it has minor cracks or discoloration, but not any major damage such as sinking, missing pieces or major cracks.

Concrete Resurfacing Preparation is key

properly prepared surface makes all the difference in the final result when it comes to concrete resurfacing. Start out by completely cleaning the concrete surface using an appropriate solution (Intermountain Concrete Specialties can guide you on choosing the best product). Next, repair any cracks. Priming isn’t typically necessary if you’re staining concrete, but other finishes may require profiling. The best advice is to follow manufacturer’s instructions.

Concrete resurfacing

Photo by NewLook International

What are the options for concrete resurfacing?

Just about any concrete surface can be given a makeover, including concrete driveways, patios, walkways, and pool decks. Concrete resurfacing options include:

  • Concrete overlays / microtoppings is the application of a thin cement or polymer-modified layer over existing concrete to upgrade the appearance of a concrete surface. After the overlay has been applied, it can be stamped, stained or stenciled to mimic the look of brick, slate or stone.
  • Stamped/textured concrete is a creative and affordable option for beautifying outdoor areas such as patios and walkways. Stamped concrete is usually more affordable than tearing out existing concrete and replacing it with new materials. Modern concrete resurfacing methods can easily replicate the look of stone, slate, tile, wood, brick and more.
  • Staining adds color and brings new life to old concrete. Stain can be used on existing concrete or on concrete overlays. Concrete staining also works well in conjunction with stamped concrete.
  • Other decorative finishes such as stencils and borders are a great way to stylize existing concrete while adding color and personality. 

What else do I need to consider?

Proper curing and sealing of any concrete surface is critical to the long-term success. Most concrete surfaces are resistant to stains when properly coated with a protective sealer. The type of concrete sealer you choose is largely dependent on your project. Learn about different concrete sealers here, or visit an Intermountain Concrete Specialties location near you for tips and advice.

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Concrete Surface Sealers vs. Penetrating Sealers

One question we get asked often at Intermountain Concrete Specialties is which concrete sealer is best. Choosing the correct sealer depends on the type of concrete project, which usually dictates whether a surface sealer or a penetrating sealer is the best option. Surface sealers work in one of two ways: by forming a protective, impermeable layer on the concrete surface, or by blocking the pores in concrete to prevent water absorption. Penetrating sealers absorb into the concrete, and are ideal for protecting exterior concrete surfaces from damage due to exposure such as rain and ice.


For decorative concrete, ICS High Gloss Non-Yellowing Sealer enhances the surface with a high-shine, glossy finish. Formulated to seal and protect concrete surfaces by producing a hard yet breathable, high-sheen finish, this non-yellowing, acrylic-based, sealing compound is transparent, durable, and easy to apply. Use ICS High Gloss Sealer on decorative concrete for a quick-drying, high-gloss finish, and improved resistance to UV light, water, alkalis and more.

When it comes to curing and sealing exterior concrete surfaces such as driveways, sidewalks, driveways and patios, CS309-25 Non-Yellowing, Acrylic Curing and Sealing Compound provides a durable, long-lasting finish. This industrial-quality sealer by W. R. Meadows is a true workhorse, formulated to improve resistance to chemicals, oil, grease, deicing salts, and abrasion. CS309-25 applies easily and dries quickly with a clear, non-yellowing, acrylic finish.

Also from W.R. Meadows, VOCOMP-25 is a water-based, acrylic concrete curing and sealing compound ideal for sidewalks, patios, pool areas, and commercial/industrial flooring. Available in a quick-drying, ready-to-use formula, it enhances surface appearance and improves resistance to rain, sun, freezing temperatures, many chemicals and acids, deicing salts, and abrasives. VOCOMP-25 applies with a blue cast for easy-to-see coverage and then dries clear with a medium sheen. The more coats applied, the higher the sheen. What makes VOCOMP-25 a standout is that it can be used on new, old, interior, exterior, horizontal, and vertical concrete surfaces.

penetrating concrete sealer


Masterprotect H400 40% silane penetrating sealer provides long-lasting protection against moisture, freezing and thawing, and chloride intrusion. For interior or exterior use, Masterprotect H 400 is an ideal penetrating sealer for concrete highways, parking garages, stadiums and other high-traffic concrete surfaces.

When you need to protect concrete surfaces against damage from severe elements, such as heavy wind-driven rain, freeze/thaw cycles, and intense moisture, turn to Pentra Sil 244+. This premium hardener, densifier, and concrete sealer reduces permeability and protects concrete surfaces with a single application. It works by reacting with free calcium to form insoluble calcium silica hydrate, making concrete more water-, stain-, and abrasion-resistant for easier maintenance and durability. Pentra Sil 244+ can be sprayed on new or existing concrete.

concrete pool sealer

If you’re looking to protect concrete pool decks, around waterfalls, and other concrete surfaces prone to water exposure, choose DECK-O-SHIELD by W. R. Meadows, Inc. This ready-to-use, water-based sealer acts as a water-repellant. DECK-O-SHIELD works by penetrating the concrete surface to form a barrier against moisture, and helps protect against salt staining, rust, and spills. Best of all, it won’t alter the color of your concrete, so the appearance of decorative concrete surfaces stays true.

Creto Deep Penetrating Sealer is another option for waterproofing new or existing concrete. Creto DPS goes deep to form a gel under the surface of the concrete to block moisture from migrating to the surface, while still allowing concrete to breathe. Creto DPS is ideal for home and commercial use on concrete sidewalks, basements, retaining walls, highway bridges, garages and more.

Decraseal WB is a non-yellowing, acrylic-based, curing and sealing compound for decorative concrete. Clear, transparent and easy to apply, Decra-Seal offers improved resistance to water, alkalis and mild acids with a hard yet flexible, clear film. Decra-Seal is specifically formulated for decorative concrete.

See our guide to Choosing the Right Concrete Sealer, or visit any Intermountain Concrete Specialties location in Utah and Idaho to speak with one of our concrete experts.

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